Day 2 – Bomdilla to Sangti

Our little expedition is yet to be run-in: we start 1 hour later than planned, at about 9:00 am and, barely 10 km on the way, a sudden wobble of the bike forces me to stop. I find a 2 inch long nail nicely lodged into my rear tyre! Is it not wonderful to have the assistance of a Production Team? Within minutes my wheel is replaced, canibalised from another bike (our unfortunate crew member will have to deal with the problem!) and a mishap which normally would penalise us by half a day, turns into a minor nuisance!

Exiting Bomdilla en route to Sangti

This is the first real bad stretch of road that Kalki has to handle on this trip, and I keep a close tag on her, giving her guidance and instructions through our intercom.

After crossing a typical himalayan metal bridge shortly before Dirang, we bifurcate onto a narrow road that seems to lead nowhere, winding deeper and deeper into a narrow valley. Fourty five minutes later, we reach a remote village called Sangti.


I am instantly seduced by the beauty and calm of the place, and within minutes I hear myself telling Kalki “This is where I want to end my days!”

In the background, Sangti, my beautiful village..

Kalki quickly bonds in an amazing friendship with the homestay owner’s daughter, an adolescent with great aspiration and ambition named Kunu, who very naturally becomes her guide in the village.

Anna Kunu and Kalki

Watch our show to be aired on Fox Life in August, to discover the magical places where Kunu took Kalki!

When – with great regret – we have to leave Sangti the following morning, the only thought which comes to my mind is this: “for some unfathomable reason, this village is full of love”.. and something tells me that I will surely return one day.


(to be continued: to Tawang)

9 thoughts on “Day 2 – Bomdilla to Sangti

  1. Great trip.
    I am continuously following this bike trip of yours with Kalki. The reason is straight forward…I am interested in RE Himalayan….but this bike and its engine is completely new and so far no body has taken the production version of it to any extreme testing or adventure touring I would say to be more precise . Cant wait for this trip to be aired on FoxLife channel.
    In the meantime, I would be looking forward to you guys to hear more about the performance of RE Himalayan in rigorous torturing during this trip.
    I hope you guys will be sharing the possible technical difficulties, if any, faced with RE Himalayan during this trip.


  2. As someone said- The journey (& companion) is more important than the destination.. Wish you all the luck & hope that you show us some new dimensions of the hidden jewel a.k.a The North Eastern India, through your show. Kudos to KK for taking up the challenge and surely inspiring many more ladies to take up riding. Way to go lady..
    Ride Safe 🙂


  3. Joel Sir it would be best if those things can shared here with other people (potential Himalayan buyer)..but I don’t think it will be possible for you.

    Anyways…I wish you both a very happy adventure and ride safe…!


  4. Hello Sir,

    thanks for such a beautiful details and words.

    i am following this because i am also going on a trip for the same cause and your experience will be great inspiration and help for me.

    Pankaj | Lonners


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