Get set for “Your Own Escape” to Arunachal Pradesh!

We have been busy… It took a while, but our new website,, is up and running!

Yes, Joel Koechlin, and Anna Kunu of Sangti (featured in KGE episode 2), have teamed-up together and launched a new Adventure Platform dedicated to those of you who would wish to follow in Kalki’s tracks. They are determined to help environmental enthusiasts in their quest of discovery through this little known and most remote State of North-East India, and will offer an array of instruments to this effect, such as motorbiking, trekking, homestay accomodation and others, while always keeping in mind as a priority, a minimum footprint on the environment.

Home page snapshot-2
Visit our site now and sign in for our Inaugural Motorbike Tour

“Our Inaugural 8 Days Motorbike Tour is scheduled to start from Guwahati on 22nd May 2017: it will take us up to Zemithang, the furthermost reach northwards in West Arunachal Pradesh, across stunning mountain landscapes. Tawang and Sangti are among the highlights of the itinerary.”

Bookings are open, so hurry: not much time left to get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

More to follow on different post-monsoon itineraries throughout wonderful Arunachal Pradesh… Follow this blog and stay tuned.



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