A former student at the distinguished ÉCOLE SUPÉRIEURE D’ARTS APPLIQUÉS (Section Photographie), Vevey, SWITZERLAND, Joel Koechlin, through several decades has been involved in photography in many different ways:

– Working with advertising agencies in Paris.

– Highly specialised in Architectural & Interiors Photography

– Editing, archiving, compiling pictorial works for books publication.

– Free lance author for adventure & travel magazines.

– Portrait, advertising & fashion.

Product & Industry.

– Recording exceptional landscapes and ethnics while travelling through the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

His multifaceted life and extensive experience in a wide array of technical fields — including design and manufacturing of aircraft — prove as invaluable assets when it comes to commissioning high quality photographic work: modern photography, particularly digital photography, can simply not be conducted satisfactorily without a thorough technical knowledge, involving optics, electronics and computer science.

Of French origin, he has settled in India more than 30 years ago, his wife is Indian and they are parents of two, with their base in Bangalore.